Corporate Office

 The Balance of Brand and Budget

Corporate office spaces are as highly diverse as the types of businesses that occupy them.  The range of finish and budget vary widely as the branding and culture does from a law firm to a web services company.  For more sophisticated corporate clients, such projects are less likely to be design-build and will frequently set forth stringent requirements for construction processes, organization and scope of work.  The corporate client is also more likely to have a CM either on their staff or engaged as a third party to stand between them and a general contractor.  ECS is accustomed to being in a variety of roles and contracts to serve its corporate clients.  The key to being a successful design-builder for a corporate client is the ability to understand their brand and culture and offer constructive design management that enhances both budget and brand image.  ECS is eager to work with corporate clients and demonstrate our ability to approach your project with a view to helping you build brand equity.  We understand the challenging balance between brand and budget.