Proactive Construction Project Planning

Flexibility is beneficial to any construction endeavor, but it is the Preconstruction phase that drives success, mitigates risk and balances the project goals to ensures delivery will be on-time and on-budget. This invaluable discovery period is open season for all functional ideas, creative input, innovative concepts, cost estimates and other factors and decisions that may come into play throughout the project.

Establishing Goals, Expectations & Effective Communication

It is during preconstruction – a key aspect of project management – that value engineering, budget development, and refinement of schedule and specifications take place. These critical elements define the essential financial, scheduling, and quality expectations that become the focus of the project manager. ECS focuses on contributing recommendations and strategies to enhance project outcomes.

Minimize Redundancy, Change Orders & Other Deadline-Derailing Conflicts

The best value engineering takes place during the earliest phases of a project, preventing duplication of effort due to redesign or changes to project specifications that come too late and can create unnecessary cost in a project. ECS works closely with its subcontractor base to contribute cost savings and scheduling improvements that make your project meet and exceed expectations. Preconstruction is also the time for creative development of bid packages and scoping that can facilitate disadvantaged business or local market sub-contractor participation if desired by the client.

Seeing the Project Through the Eyes of a Business Owner

The ECS team has an owner’s perspective – we understand where gains and savings can be had without compromising critical brand image or end-user expectations. Thinking like an owner, even when functioning as a design-builder or construction manager, sets ECS apart.