Experienced Design-Build Construction Services

The ability to honor your budget and your brand is a skill honed over hundreds of design build projects. And, throughout our industry tenure, ECS has perfected the design-build construction process, adopted the newest technologies and gathered the team of experts to ensure an on-time, on-budget, high quality project.

Planning & Communication: The Art of Managing Design

The design-build approach puts ECS in the role of managing design for the client. ECS has significant design-build experience and has relationships with architects and engineers around the country that share our focus on maximizing value. With strong pre-construction services, ECS works with the owner and as the leader of the design team to produce a project budget that not only meets both visual and functional requirements, but is financially feasible. ECS manages design toward affordability.

Construction & Design: One Contract, One Point of Contact, Maximum Accountability

Design-build provides you with the advantage of a single point of accountability for construction and design. As the manager of the design process, the design builder is a key influencer of affordability, constructability, and protection of end user requirements. It is during design that success of a project is largely defined.

Value Engineering: Thinking Like Business Owners to Create Ideal Solutions for Business Owners

The best value engineering is proactive and preventive – accomplished by sound leadership of the earliest phases of design development. As experienced design builders, ECS provides this benefit – a unique feature of the design-build approach. Design-build also empowers owners by providing valuable cost data on design and specification alternatives before they are embedded in construction documents.

Expertise When It Matters, Flexibility When Necessary

Owners have hired ECS for projects where the A&E team had completed a design, but the owner could not make the numbers work. ECS assumed the contracts with the design team and worked to achieve the value engineering objectives that made it possible for these projects to happen.

Real World Examples:

  • A 175,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art healthcare building saw a reduction in cost of nearly 10%.
  • A 110,000 square-foot building saw a reduction of several million dollars thereby achieving feasibility.

These examples illustrate what a design-builder with specific product type experience can bring to a project. By thinking like owners, ECS separates those aspects of the design that are essential from those that are not, to create the right building for the right price.