Our Commercial Construction Services

Throughout our time in the industry, ECS has compiled a catalog of commercial construction services to handle every facet of your project – whether you’re breaking new ground, expanding the function of your facility or improving the conditions of an existing space.


Flexibility is beneficial to any construction endeavor, but it is the Preconstruction phase that drives success, mitigates risk and balances the project goals to ensures delivery will be on-time and on-budget. This invaluable discovery period is open season for all functional ideas, creative input, innovative concepts, cost estimates and other factors and decisions that may come into play throughout the project.

Construction Management

We firmly understand the importance of proactive planning, strong project communication and fruitful collaboration throughout the construction process. Our emphasis on pre-construction, coordination and effective application of experience allows us to deliver high quality projects on-time and on-budget.


As the sole manager of the design process and point of accountability, ECS will act as the key influencer of affordability, constructability and protection of the project. We also have the flexibility and experience to take complete responsibility of the project from the beginning or take over once the design has been finalized.

General Contracting

ECS will assemble a team of top-tier specialty subcontractors to complete a pre-determined scope of work. Our in-house estimating team will process your scope of work to create accurate bid data, successfully pairing you with the right subcontractor for that specific project component.

We have the contracting experience to create the right team, at the best price point, ensuring you make the most of your construction budget.

Program Management

ECS’ Program Management Division specializes in working with owners who need to supplement their staff with strategic partners who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the programming, design, construction and start-up of a new or expanded facility.