Senior Living

Senior Living Construction Projects:

Building for the Continuum of Care

As a senior living construction company, ECS plans and builds efficient and branded senior living facilities such as Madison House, and new facilities such as those being planned at Nexton (South Carolina). Another current project is in the planning stages in Gainesville, Florida. Seniors housing encompasses a variety of building types with very different construction criteria and systems.

The Dominant Types of Senior Housing Include:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Memory care
  • Nursing homes (skilled nursing facilities)

The Difference Between Independent Living & Skill Nursing Construction

Independent living is more akin to apartments, while skilled nursing facilities blend some of the characteristics of hospitals with long term residential living.

Experience to Lead, Flexibility to Listen

The ECS team has significant experience in multi-family construction and has specialized in healthcare construction for more than 20 years. This background makes our team ready to build successful projects across the continuum of care. With additional senior living projects in the pipeline, this market segment is emerging as a significant focus of the firm.

Gainesville Healthcare Center

Randall Residence of Centerville

Senior Suites at St. Clair Commons


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